About Rajan Shah

Rajan Shah is a composer and a singer. To listen to Bollywood style music by Rajan Shah please visit:


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Rajan Shah was born on June 7th 1967 in Delhi, India. He started to play harmonium at the age of 5. By the age of 15 he was singing, playing guitar and keyboards with the well-respected musicians and recording artists of Delhi. Rajan moved to USA in 1988. By 1993 he was playing keyboards with the famous singers of Washington DC. He has thus far performed more than 1200 live shows in India and USA. Rajan has been writing songs lyrics since 1996 and arranging music since 1999. Although Rajan has had no formal training, he has musically arranged 40+ songs. In 2005 his record label “Raj Sangeet Productions Inc.”, successfully launched his first album: Dream Boy. Rajan Shah recently signed a contract with Crescendo Music Company of India to release his album “Shor Machave Re” in India. Some of his music can be heard at various mp3 websites. Rajan is an adjunct professor at a local college and he loves plays piano, drums, and guitar (no, not all the same time).